ISCA Hellenic Chapter

International Systemic Constellation Association

International Systemic Constellations Association ISCA came into being as a result of the excitement and creativity generated by the Systemic Constellation approach throughout the world, with a mission to serve as a hub & holder of systemic constellation work in all its settings and applications, for present and future generations of constellators.

Worldwide, ISCA is the only international Association with a strict inclusive alignment.
ISCA considers all constellators to belong to the international Constellating Community, no matter what their philosophy in their work might be and no matter which way they might work in with the method – as long as they share our ethics. With this character ISCA strives to grow the number of their members in order to connect, interact and support one another.

ISCA Regional Chapters

Regional Chapters is born from the idea of members of ISCA community, in the past two gatherings in Lovran and Zagreb (Croatia), to participate in direct ways with ISCA´s vision and mission in their own countries and through their own language, developing, sharing and expanding ISCA through their part of the world.

By the end of 2018, through the last selection and election period of our last board held by Max Dauskardt (Chair), it was decided to give birth to Regional Chapters as a formal character of ISCA. Alexandra Tatiana Finkelstein Franyuti was elected as the 1st Head of Regional Chapters with the new board of ISCA on July 1st. 2019, for the period of 2019 – 2021. In July 2020, ISCA Board accepted a long-standing proposal by its member Nikos Vayiakakos to establish the ISCA Hellenic Chapter in affiliation with EIDAS Institute-Network. They appointed Nikos as Head of the ISCA Hellenic Chapter with the purpose to support the constellation community in Greece and Cyprus and to reach-out to Greek-speaking individuals worldwide.

Being ISCA is not a legal certification or training entity, but mainly a systemic community platform that holds a significant space for shared connection and interaction internationally, we serve each other supporting our growth, experience, insight, practice and knowledge for a global belonging in the constellation worldwide systemic community holding to our practice and code of ethics.

Function & Goals of the Hellenic Chapter

Regional Chapters were created to generate involvement of members in the International systemic world around committed individuals and/or professional associations that are willing to:


  1. Expand and strengthen professional systemic connections for new work opportunities in the systemic field and participation in different gatherings, trainings, supervisions, and so on.
  2. Carry present and future ISCA initiatives with their regional communities.
  3. Making connections with existing national and individual constellation entities.
  4. Formalizing the ties between ISCA and National Associations where they exist.
  5. Seeing what forms of cooperation, they would benefit from.
  6. Recruiting members and raising awareness of ISCA´s existence.
  7. Suggesting and organizing ISCA sponsorship to regional events.
  8. Being responsible for putting and updating these events on the ISCA web page.
  9. Opening monthly online meetings in (foreign) languages other than English.
  10. Translating and communicating ISCA´s monthly newsletter.
  11. Helping facilitators obtain membership with ISCA.
  12. Supporting systemic work under the umbrella of ISCA, including ISCA member logo on websites of contacts and facilitators, having promotional items to have presence in systemic events.
  13. Offering (workshops) meetings under ISCA´s agreed format to members of their Regional Chapter community through our zoom, website forums or FB platforms.
  14. Invite constellators to facilitate with ISCA on a monthly basis when there are open invitations to do so, and/or to facilitate workshops in our Biannual Gathering.
  15. Hold communication with other facilitators in the area.
  16. Promote regional constellators to open dialog and discussion of FB groups, write and share their cases and perspectives from a Regional Chapter point of view.
  17. Create new investigation projects in their own field of interest, in their own chapter and sharing with the community to include others in knowledge and discussion.
  18. Branching out and connecting around the world, opening and expanding possibilities for other countries to join our ISCA tree.
  19. Acknowledging the foundational work of Bert Hellinger in pioneering systemic constellations along with others who contributed to its development.


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